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Summer school

It took only 1 year for So Delices creator and baker Sophia Zidi to build a solid reputation in Oslo, with over 10 000 likes already on her Facebook page.

In January 2015, full of energy and enthusiasm she started to teach her first class at the French school in Oslo. Her cooking classes quickly proved to be a real success with both children and the parents. Only 8 months after teaching her first class, Sophia will be teaching 3 classes at the French school in Oslo in August.

During July and August Sophia is delighted to be able to offer her cooking classes to more local children through her ¨summer school¨ in Oslo .

Classes will be held in both French and English and are a great way to keep children entertained during the summer holidays. The classes are ideally suited to children between 4-12 years old.

children between 4-12 years old


To register you interest in the summer school and to receive more information regarding dates and venue, please send an email to

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