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French croissant and pain au chocolat cooking class!

350,00 kr

2hours cooking class

How many times have you tried to make croissant or pain au chocolat and  failed?!

Here is your opportunity to learn so you can impress your family and friends! During 2hrs we will bake together and I will teach you all the secrets to succeed with your french pastry!

The cooking class informations:

  • The cooking classes can be individuel or for groups up to 10 persons!
  • Sophia takes the approach of teaching in your own kitchen, with your own materials, within your own reality, so you are better adapted at using the tools at your disposal. If this option is not available, we can teach in the context of schools, associations, or other learning environments
  • Ingredients and material will be provided!
  • You will leave the class with your own pastry!
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