Gift card cooking classes kids!

350,00 kr

Are you looking for a gift who will offer more than a toy can offer to your kids? you are in the right page!

Four the past 4 years Sophia, owner of So délices cooking classes, dedicated her time to sharing her passion with hers students. Her methods of teaching and her reputation spread from Oslo to Sandefjord! When students learn in a professional industrial environment, those lessons don’t translate into their homes, which is why she takes the approach of teaching in your own kitchen, with your own materials, within your own reality, so you are better adapted at using the tools at your disposal.
Participants work in pairs, students cook a complete meal in a 2-hour cooking class. Materiel and fresh ingredients are included in the price.
Sample topics for the menu: seasonal products, cooking the Anjou terroir, exotic cuisine …

A. Lincoln said: “Teach the children.. so it will not be necessary to teach the adults”.